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Friday, 18 April 2008

The Shine Journal - Polishing the surface

All my work in Shine is poetry. I started writing poetry at school. My first poem went on the classroom wall and I had poems published in The Braid, the magazine of Ballymena Academy from 1968 - 1973. I owe everything to the teachers who encourged me at that school, particularly Trevor Halliday and Anne Simpson who taught me to appreciate everything from Rabelais and Chaucer to Jacques Brel and T.S.Eliot and who put up with me. Bless them!

Writing a poem can take me minutes or years. My favourite one here, Take Time, took a few months before all the revisions were done.

I was delighted when Pamela, the editor invited me to be one of the judges in the first Shine Poetry Competition taking place this month. It is a real privilege to read what other people have written. And now I know some of what editors do - an insight into the other side of things. Thank you Pamela :)
Room for God
The Photograph
The Crab
Hats Off
Death of a Modem Driver
Take Time
Leaving Home

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